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Cinema: The Jewish Lens takes you behind the scenes, introducing you to Hollywood stars, film critics, screen writers, professors, rabbis and Biblical scholars who shed light on the ancient wisdom and Jewish traditions that find expression in Hollywood, today.

Individual Online Learning now: $99 (original price $120)

Group Programming (1 year license complete with moderator manual and marketing materials) for $500 click here.

Classes feature interviews with popular Hollywood personalities, including actors, directors, producers, film critics and professors, as well as rabbinic scholars, Jewish educators and international speakers.

Take an exciting journey through time and discover the fascinating history of the State of Israel. An interdisciplinary approach provides an unparalleled view of both ancient and modern day Israel.

Original Price:$200 Now: $120

Classes feature world-renown experts on Israel and the Middle East, including former UN Ambassador Dore Gold and Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis.

Join renowned Positive Psychology expert Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar in a stimulating discourse combining modern psychology with ancient Jewish wisdom. Explore the secrets to leading a happier, more fulfilling life.

Original Price:$200 Now: $120

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar is well known for teaching Harvard University's most popular course, Positive Psychology.

Explore several religious, spiritual and historical perspectives on Judaism and learn how to apply 3,500 years of wisdom to your daily life.


Original Price:$200 Now: $120


Classes are taught by experts and rabbis from around the world who have a strong background in and profound understanding of varied aspects of Judaism, including Jewish history, the Bible, interpersonal relationships, and even Kabbalah.